Today’s Best iOS Games: Limbo, The Lone Ranger, Smooth Operators, Greedy Dwarf and more

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Yeah, breathtaking new iOS games. Today we are glad to introduce to you: a once smash-hit puzzler Limbo, a movie-spawned RPG The Lone Ranger, a fairly fascinating simulator Smooth Operators, a breathtaking runner Greedy Dwarf and more. If any of them triggers your fancy, go get it in your AppStore and have fun!


Limbo is now within your grasp! Limbo has sold over 3 million copies since its first release on Xbox Live Arcade. Immerse yourself in this black-and-white puzzle platformer with weird horrific environment, communicate with circumstances, and solve puzzles to guide the boy through dark forest in seek of his missing sister.

Smooth Operators!

Learn to become a Smooth Operator in this new simulation title! You are allowed to run a call center company and make benefits out of it. If you are a simulation fan, just go get it. Tons of well-designed simulation awaits.

Greedy Dwarf

Greedy Dwarf is a hilarious runner packed with actions! This time our protagonist is a gold-fancier, who will take you to explore the underworld gold mine. Embark on hell-bent run in over 30 in-depth levels and perform unbelievable moves. Anyway, just remember one thing: Grab the Gold during your adventure!


Being a Viking chieftain isn’t easy as it seems. They don’t always have good luck. In Smash’n’Bash, you are gonna role play this pathetic Viking chieftain called Ingvar whose boat gets stuck at the bank. Now he has no choice but run his way back, however hordes of adversaries are awaiting.

The Lone Ranger by Disney

In order to coincide with the theatrical premiere of the film The Lone Ranger, Disney also released a role-playing game of the same name on iOS. Play as a Texas Ranger, and ally with Lone Ranger and Tonto to fight together in the battle against outlaws and bandits. Strive to restore peace to Colby, and bring the villains to justice.

1941 Frozen Front

1941 Frozen Front sends you right back to the chilly winter of 1941, when WWII was waging on. Lead your infantry and tank troops to win turn-based strategic battles. The history of WWII could be rewritten by you!

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