Solstice Arena Cheats, Walkthrough, Strategy Guide, Tips and Tricks

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Level up Fast with our Solstice Arena Strategy Guide, Tips and Tricks

The Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) genre has grown rapidly over the past few years. With games such as DOTA 2 and League of Legends garnering millions of players, many publishers have attempted to emulate their success.

Instead of following suit Zynga has taken a surprisingly bold direction with its own MOBA, Solstice Arena. Stripping out creeps, jungles, and levelling, this latest iOS hit is a clever, streamlined addition to a competitive genre that has taken the world by storm.

Battlefield Basics

  • Though not quite as big as DOTA 2 or League of Legends, Solstice Arena’s selection of heroes each have their own unique attributes and abilities. When starting out in any MOBA it’s always tempting to stick to one or two favourites but it would be wise to try all characters at least once before committing to a select few.
  • After playing your first few matches be sure to go into the game’s option menu and adjust the interface. The most efficient way of playing Solstice Arena is to use one hand for character movement/targeting and the other for team alerts and abilities. The options menu allows players to rearrange the UI and on-screen buttons by placing them on either side of the screen.
  • Don’t run into battle and hope for the best. It may not be as tactically refined as other MOBAs but Solstice Arena still punishes players who are reckless. Make sure teammates are near before initiating an attack. If low on health, simply run back to base or wait for a teammate to heal you. Never risk chasing a fleeing opponent unless you can definitely score a kill and retreat safely.
  • Don’t feel pressured into playing PvP matches. Real-life opponents and teammates are the most hard to predict and can either make the game better or worse depending on your experiences.

Of Good Character

  • Characters are defined by a number of elements. The first and most primary of these are attributes which, in Solstice Arena, come in five different varieties: Sun, Moon, Earth, Void, and Iron. Each hero can adopt two attributes which ultimately defines their role within a team. Dawne, for example, carries the Sun attribute which benefits casters and support heroes. Brutus, on the other hand, carries both Iron and Earth, the two attributes that correspond to health points and attack damage.
  • Unlike conventional MOBAs, in Solstice Arena heroes can level up in between matches. After earning enough XP players can improve a character’s abilities, enhancing aspects such as range, damage, and duration.
  • Solstice Arena may be free-to-play but follows a micro-transaction system similar to League of Legends. Heroes will only be free for a certain period of time before being replaced by other temporary characters. You will never truly “own” a hero until you pay for one either with Valor (in-game currency) or real cash.

Live Together, Die Alone

  • Never forget: teamwork is everything in Solstice Arena. If you are fighting 1v3 or 2v3 there is little, if no, chance of success. Always regroup before initiating big attacks and make sure you are targeting the same towers whilst playing offensively.
  • A good team composition is key. The best teams usually consist of one support, one tank, and one damage hero but this tested formula can be altered depending on skill level. Also make sure that everyone in your team selects heroes who don’t share the same attribute. This stops players from fighting over the same pick-ups.
  • Unless you are able to converse with your teammates, be sure to use Team Alerts. Simple to use, this mechanic can signal teammates to attack/defend targets and heroes as well as charge and retreat. AI opponents are more likely to respond to Team Alert prompts than real players.
  • If playing in Co-op or PvP, don’t hesitate to send friend requests to allies post-game. It can speed up the matchmaking process and eliminates the chance of being grouped with inexperienced random players.

Knowledge Is Power

  • Never forget your objective. Many matches are lost due to players who ignore towers and attempt to string together as many kills as they can. Defeating enemy players is essential to any victory, though defending/attacking towers must always be priority number one.
  • If you have abilities with a specified proximity, you don’t always have to be standing within range to use them. If you select an ability and nominate a target, your hero will automatically move close enough to use it.
  • Towers in Solstice Arena are nothing compared to those in DOTA 2 or League of Legends. They are fairly weak and it is not uncommon to see teams destroy one or two within the first few minutes of a match. To get the most out of your towers, always make sure you’re standing close to them or else they won’t attack incoming enemies. Once locked onto a target towers dish out a constant stream of damage that can easily dispose of attackers or at least have them falling back.
  • When defending your Oracle (the final tower) think tactically and don’t try to score easy kills against your opponents. If you fall in battle, it exposes your Oracle and could give the enemy enough time to destroy it. Instead, stay close and, if in danger, simply run into your base, heal up and jump back into battle.
  • Scattered across the battlefield are dozens of pick-ups that yield a variety of bonuses. Many, such as speed and attack boosts are universal though attribute pick-ups like Sun and Moon bonuses should be left for heroes who can benefit from them. Dawne (Sun), for example, will never have any use for an Iron pick-up. Heroes such as Brutus or Bombast would benefit more from it.
  • Choose your targets wisely. It’s always tempting to attack the closest enemy but to ensure victory in a team fight, you need to analyse your opponents and respond accordingly. Directing your damage output towards support characters is always a great tactic as they’re usually responsible for keeping their teammates alive during battles. Next, you should target the damage dealers; usually low in health, they should go down quickly without a support character to heal them. Tanks (high defence) heroes should always be left for last.

The Cost Of War

  • Your meta goal in Solstice Arena should be gaining enough Valor to unlock heroes and skins. This is done by completing matches; whether player alone, with co-op partners, or in PvP mode, the rate of XP and Valor will remain the same. To get that little bit extra, however, players should strive to gain accolades including “least killed” and “biggest killstreak” for bonus points.
  • Solstice Arena may not feature levels but its in-game store can be fairly overwhelming, especially during live play. It would be extremely beneficial to play a practice (bot) match, go to the store, and simply browse all the items on offer and what they do. If not, you can always tick the “Auto-Buy” feature; as the name suggests, this will automatically purchase the items and upgrades specifically recommended for your character. It’s a great feature but after gaining a few victories under your belt you should really try to experiment with different “builds”.
  • Don’t underestimate the chest. Teams that consistently capture this pick-up are guaranteed a steady flow of coins which can easily determine the direction in which a game is headed. If you sense that the enemy is about to capture the chest, fire off a long-ranged attack to stop them from channeling. Heroes such as Artharion and Bombast are ideal for doing this.

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