Puzzle & Dragons Cheats, Walkthrough and Strategy Guide Tips

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Game Introduction:

Puzzle & Dragons is a fantasy RPG that combines genres of match-three puzzle and dungeon crawler. Read Our Review.

Building a team with the right monsters

Puzzle & Dragons features a wide selection of collectible monsters. At the beginning of the game, you will have a chance to choose from three dragons. Whichever you choose, it will be of great help at the initial stage and the one you choose should be given priority for leveling up. You should also pick up the monsters dropped by dungeon bosses, but those dropped by common dungeon enemies are less valuable in your combat team. The rarest monsters, like those from the God series can only be acquired from Egg Machines or special events.

You can customize up to five combat teams, each of which consists of one leader and four team members. If a monster has a leader skill, the skill will be activated only when this monster is placed in the leader slot. Aside from this factor, there is little difference between a leader and a team member regarding combat ability. In addition, when someone chooses you as the help in dungeon quests, your leader monster will be the one to join his or her combat team. If this someone is in your friend list, your monster’s leader skill will also be activated. In a word, it is better not to choose a monster with no skill as the team leader.

Dungeon Diving

The only way to win in a dungeon combat is to do well in the match-three game. Both matching more than three orbs and achieve combo matching will cause more damage on the enemies. Matching four orbs will increase the damage by 25%, matching five orbs will increase it by 50% plus cause mass attack, matching six orbs will increase it by 75%, and it goes on. This rule also applies to the healing effect. In addition, each combo will add in 25% more damage or healing effect.

Damage is also influenced by the attributes of the monsters. For example, if you use a fire monster to attack a water enemy, you can only cause 50% damage effect. If you use a water monster to attack a fire enemy, you will get 200% damage effect. Needless to say, it will be of great help to use monsters with the right attributes in dungeons.

In dungeon combat, you can select the attacking targets. The order in which you kill the enemies will not influence the drop rate and item, so it is wiser to first eliminate the bigger threats, like those that are about to launch attacks against you in the next turn, those with less HP but higher ATK PWR.

Monster Power-up Fusion and Evolution

It is better to use monsters that are with the same attributes as the base monster in Power-up Fusions. In this way, the base monster gets 50% more EXP.

To conduct Evolve fusion you need to first raise the base monster’s level to its max and then fuse it with certain materials. Most materials are easy to recognize and can be obtained from dungeons.

By using monsters with the same skills as the base monster in fusions, there is a chance you can upgrade the skill level of the base monster and reduce the time it needs to recharge.

How to get free Magic Stones

To play this game, you will unavoidably need to consume some Magic Stones from time to time. You need them to restore stamina, to revive and continue in dungeons and to expand monster box to contain more monsters. For every five Magic Stone, you can have a chance to win one rare Monster egg from the Egg Machine, which is probably the most assured way to get rare monsters. You can buy Magic Stones with real money via in-App purchase, but the price is kind of steep (one buck per Magic Stone). If you decide not to invest in this endless pit, there are also a couple of ways in which you can get them for free:

Every time you clear a new dungeon, you will be rewarded with one Magic Stone. Thus in the early stage, winning free Magic Stones does not seem so hard.

Logging in the game for 10 days (not necessarily consecutive) will win you three Magic Stone, while logging in the game for 30 days will win you another three.

Game events also reward players with Magic Stones, so make sure you join those events and special dungeons as often as possible.

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