Coming Tonight: Game of War, Element Defender 3D and More

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Well, it’s supposed to be a crazy Wednesday night! But I’m afraid it’s gonna be a little bit disappointing. Only a handful of games are worth featuring in our weekly “Big Game Night”. Without big games tonight, we just collected some games that are at least not that bad. Game of War – It was released a couple of months ago in NZ App Store and is now going global. You may want to see more in our introductions below.

Riptide GP 2

Vector Unit has just released a multiplayer online water-racing game called Riptide GP 2. As a sequel to Riptide GP, it adds new tracks, new hydro jets, new career modes and more. Tilt and touch your device to control your rider when competing with players worldwide. Earn XP and money in various modes and use them to improve your riders’ performance!

Element Defender 3D

Element Defender 3D mixes role-playing and strategy elements, bringing you another real-time strategy game with fabulous 3D graphics. The game casts you in shoes of a young wizard to defend a Magicrystal in a detailed environment. Assign points to your skills and use them to slash hordes of evil forces. You can also upgrade towers and summon pets to help you. But remember to feed your pets to refill their vitality!

Sky Tourist 2

Set in a fantasy world, Sky Tourist is a unique action game packed with running, jumping and puzzle-solving. You have to propel the pretty character Peter with tons of bonus. Guide him to collect cubelets and travel through 3 fantastic worlds, but watch out for the traps made by hostile locals!

Game of War 4

As an MMO strategy game, Game of War was released earlier in New Zealand App Store and is now going global. If you haven’t played it, it needs you to build your very own kingdom and rob neighbors’ resources. Research to upgrade more constructions and train formidable soldiers. Someone says it’s kind of like Clash of Clans, but it’s different fun. Check it out in the game!

Runbot is an endless runner or an endless flier. Its robot animation may remind you of Iron Man, and it’s an uncolored Iron Man. Anyway, the concept is good, but don’t even think it will outperform Iron Men 3-The Official Game.

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