Coming Tonight: Epic, Combo Crew, DinoHunter, Dead Ahead, Jane Wilde and more

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Another big game tonight! You must have known that something Epic is coming. Not only is “the game Epic” epic, a handful of others are also worth your special attention, such as highly anticipated Combo Crew, Dead Ahead and more. Take a look at our brief introduction for each game and follow the link to download the game.


We’ve followed this game for a while. Gameloft seems to have a fancy on presenting movie-inspired games – the recently released Iron Man 3 for instance. Back in a few days ago when Epic was announced, many players were surmising it could be a RPG or something worth the game Epic. Now it actually turns out to be an online kingdom building game. Anyway, Gameloft seldom lets us down, despite the fact that the company overused IAP in its free-to-play games.

Call of Mini: DinoHunter

Call of Mini: DinoHunter – Deep in the forest Dinosaurs are ever emerging, threatening to bring the world to ruins. Take your weapons and set off on your dinosaur-shooting adventures to prove your pedigree of a great hunter family! Fight powerful bosses, take down waves of different dinosaurs and pick up items to craft and upgrade your weapons.

Dead Ahead

Dead Ahead is a zombie-themed endless runner where players control the protagonist, ride a motorcycle in the streets, and escape from the hordes of zombies chasing at their heels. In the side-scrolling game presented in pixilated art, players avoid obstacles on the way and take advantage of objects that could keep zombies at safe distances.

Combo Crew

Combo Crew is an old school style action game which discards virtual D-pads and employs gesture-only controls. It’s designed to enable players to play the game freely and perfectly without being restrained by any virtual buttons.

Zombie Fish Tank

Zombie Fish Tank is an adventure game starring a fish-turned zombie, which is determined to take revenge on the scientists who separated it from its sweetheart and then caused its death. In the game, players control the zombie fish, tilt the device, eat small fishes to grow bigger, and stay away from big fishes as well as other dangers under the water

Jane Wilde

Jane Wilde is yet another endless shooting game set in the epic background of Wild West. The game seems simple enough to get hands on, but also challenging enough even for veteran shooter to last long in its survival mode, when you face endless waves of oncoming creepy monsters. It’s absolutely a shooting spree!

Pirates vs Corsairs: Davy Jones’ Gold HD

As a strategy game set on the sea, Pirates vs Corsairs: Davy Jones’ Gold HD features the fierce rivalry between pirates and corsairs over Davy Jones’ gold that has been lying at the bottom of the sea for years. Naval battles may bring you some freshness to the stale titles of strategy genres.

Men’s Room Mayhem

Men’s Room Mayhem – Find what really goes on behind cubicle doors and become the master of bathroom etiquette and cleanliness in Men’s Room Mayhem! Become the most organized janitor ever to save the chaotic men’s rooms by drawing lines to direct your patrons to urinals and cubicles, steer them out of fights and encourage them to follow bathroom etiquettes.

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